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Thyroid Optimization


What is Thyroid Optimization?

T3 and T4 thyroid hormones work together to regulate how your body uses energy. These hormones also play an important role in controlling your weight, body temperature, muscle strength, and nervous system. The T3 paradigm focuses on optimizing the interaction between T3 hormone levels and T3:T4 ratios, within the context of thyroid symptoms, overall health, and a wide range of specific diseases. T3 is the hormone that gives you energy, speeds up your metabolism, elevates your mood, and overall makes you feel good! Using a compounded thyroid medication, we can customize the right dosage for each individual patient.

Symptoms of Low Thyroid

  • tiredness.

  • being sensitive to cold.

  • weight gain.

  • constipation.

  • depression.

  • slow movements and thoughts.

  • muscle aches and weakness.

  • muscle cramps.

Thyroid Optimization Membership

$100/month membership includes:

  • medication and shipping cost 

  • labs annually and with any medication adjustment 

  • medical provider management

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